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Barton & Guestier

Barton & Guestier

Barton & Guestier

Barton & Guestier


A world-famous brand whose extensive range of French wines enables consumers to take a delicious journey through France.


It was in 1725 that Irishman Thomas Barton settled in Bordeaux and started his own wine merchant company. He started exporting wine to Ireland and the Netherlands and quickly became the most important wine merchant in Bordeaux, with clients all over Europe. In 1802, his grandson entered into a partnership with a local businessman named Daniel Guestier, and that is how the Barton-Guestier wine company was born.

Since the 1950s, the company has no longer been in the possession of the founding families, though the desire to represent French wine all over the globe has been the driving force of the company throughout their 300-year-long history. Which is why Barton & Guestier offers wines from all the main wine-growing regions of France: Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône Valley, Languedoc, Gascony and Corsica. Everyone – from the occasional wine drinker to the true connoisseur – will find their favourite from the excellent Barton & Guestier range.

Cooperation is at the heart of this business.


Barton & Guestier works in partnership with around 200 wine growers and winemakers. Production takes place under the watchful eye of head winemaker Laurent Prada and in accordance with the highest quality standards. Wines are exported to more than 130 countries.


The Château Magnol estate is the company’s headquarters which also includes vineyards. This small but magnificent 30-hectare vineyard has been the heart of Barton & Guestier since 1979. The company renovated the vineyards and cellars immediately after purchase and their efforts were crowned with success when Château Magnol was classified Cru Bourgeois in 1987. The soil is composed of gravel and sand, the microclimate is shaped by the Atlantic ocean and Gironde estuary. They are currently growing Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.


The 18th century estate and its vineyards are located in the Haut-Médoc region in southwestern France near Bordeaux. The company’s 40-member team works here. The Château Magnol also includes an excellent guesthouse and esteemed wine school.

France at your fingertips

The products of Barton & Guestier enable the consumer to gain an overview of all the major French wine regions and their styles.

Effective marketing

A company with impressive brand-building skills. From the beginning, their development has been fast and their reach wide.

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