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At the heart of Poland, in the tiny village of Żyrardów in the Mazovian Lowland is a distillery where the world’s first luxury vodka – Belvedere Vodka – is manufactured.


The Belvedere distillery has been producing vodka consistently since 1910, the first batch under the Belvedere name was released in 1993. The vodka quickly made a name for itself and became a symbol of quality for the new and hopeful Poland which had been freed from the forces and political influence of the recently collapsed Soviet Union.


The secret to the quality and taste of the most prestigious Polish drink lies in the 600-year-old local traditions of vodka production which have been passed on from generation to generation, 100% local ingredients, as well as a strict and controlled manufacturing process. Dankowskie rye harvested from one of seven nearby farms ensures the unique taste of the vodka. The water used in the vodka comes from the distillery’s own wells and no artificial additives are added to the product. Belvedere vodka is exclusively produced in Poland to high standards and in line with the Polish geographical appellation for vodka.


Belvedere does not compromise on quality. First, the alcohol is distilled four times to ensure its crystal clear character. The bottling process is a long and slow one with more than 30 quality control checks. In addition to taste, smell and visual tests, each bottle also undergoes chemical analysis. Thanks to its exceptionally clean taste, mixologists regard Belvedere Vodka as one of the best vodkas for mixing cocktails.


Belvedere was named after the Belweder Palace, the official residence of the Polish president. In Italian belvedere means a ‘beautiful view’. The bottles of Belvedere Vodka feature intricate designs and are a work of art in their own right. An image of the Polish presidential palace decorates every bottle, reminding us of the roots of the product name and its origin country.

Supports the local economy

Belvedere is the only vodka producer who has been awarded the prestigious Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury – an internationally recognised symbol of the very highest sustainable production standards and support for local production.


Super premium vodka

The vodka is distilled four times and has to cross more than 30 quality control checkpoints before bottling to ensure its exceptional purity.

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