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Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan


Jamaican rum, an alcoholic spirit made from sugarcane products, is a drink that’s ideal for cocktails.


Captain Morgan rum is named after the famous Welsh pirate Henry Morgan (1635–1688) who raided wealthy Spanish ships. This kind of piracy served the interests of the Crown, so it is no surprise that Morgan was appointed the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica in 1673 by King Charles II. In Jamaica, the former pi

rate bought sugar plantations and started making rum.


At the time, Europeans occasionally mentioned a “strong liqueur-like drink with a terrible effect” in their records. Shipowners and merchants either called it kill-devil or rumbullion. Rumbullion was shortened to rum, in French it became rhum, and in Spanish ron – that is how the drink got its name. Thanks to sailors of the British Royal Navy, who were allotted one-eighth of an imperial pint of rum (71 ml) per day, the drink became popular in other parts of the world as well by the 18th century.


The first rum under the Henry Morgan name was produced in 1680. It was made from sugarcane molasses and distilled in a pot still. However, it took over 200 years until a company was established – in 1944, the Seagram company started producing rum under the name of Captain Morgan. In the 1950s, production was moved to Puerto Rico where most rums are produced today. In 2001, Seagram sold the Captain Morgan brand to Diageo.


Nowadays, Captain Morgan is a blend of Caribbean rums to give it a smoother taste and aroma. However, Jamaican rum is still used as the base rum. Captain Morgan has a delightful aroma with notes of vanilla and Jamaican herbs and spices which give the drink its smooth taste. After distillation, dark Jamaican rum is aged in charred oak barrels which give the drink its distinct spicy richness.


Rum is ideal for both hot and cold cocktails, for example, the most famous white rum cocktails are Cuba Libre, Mojito, and Piña Colada. Dark rum pairs well with hot drinks, such as hot toddy, grog or punch, or just hot tea.


Jamaican recipe

Even though production takes place elsewhere, Captain Morgan is still produced following the original Jamaican recipe.


Simple and recognisable

This drink named after a pirate does not expect any ostentatious words to be used to describe it.

Ideal for cocktails

Captain Morgan can be added to lots of cocktails to spice them up and add some warmth.

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