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Chateau Gassier

Chateau Gassier

Chateau Gassier

Château Gassier


Anyone who thinks that rosé is just a waste of money should put their rosé coloured glasses on, try the Château Gassier rosé – and be ready to change their mind!


The Château Gassier winery is located in Southern France, at the foot of Sainte-Victoire Mountain in Provence. Protected Designation of Origin – AOP – wines are produced in Côtes de Provence Saint-Victoire, which are of the highest level of quality.


Paul Cézanne who lived in the area at the end of the 19th century painted the Sainte-Victoire mountain over and over again and made it famous. The mountains protect the area from the dry Mistral wind, while the Mediterranean Sea, which is less than 30 km away, brings in a little bit of humidity.


The Gassier family purchased the estate in 1982 and gradually started to develop the vineyard that had so far produced the undemanding wine at a “local average” level. The owners are of noble origin – they have been granted the title of Baron – and have been producing wine for five generations. In 2010, Olivier Souvelain took charge of the winery and started renovating the vineyards, which really put the winery on the map. They immediately decided to take steps towards organic viticulture and obtained the Organic Agriculture Certification in 2016.


Winemaker Guillaume Cordonis is the third key person next to Georges Gassier and Olivier Souvelain. He has a knack for blending different varieties of grapes together to make the perfect drink. Recently purchased equipment allows them to keep grapes separated from oxygen during pressing, thereby preserving the aromas, which give the Château Gassier wines their outstanding fruitiness.



The winery has greatly improved the reputation of rosé – their blush pink wines have a surprisingly rich struct

ure and smooth texture which are on a par with both red and white wines. They primarily grow the varieties of Grenache and Syrah, along with the varieties of Rolle and Cinsault on a smaller scale.


A taste of Provence

Provence – you can almost taste and smell it: lush lavender fields, the Mediterranean Sea, the sun, delicious seafood, and, of course, excellent rosé.


Of noble origin

The winery is blue-blooded through and through – a baron, representing the fifth generation of the family’s winegrowers, is in charge of the vineyards.






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