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Cloudy Bay

Cloudy Bay

Cloudy Bay

Cloudy Bay


The most renowned wine in New Zealand is produced in the world’s southernmost wine-growing region in harmony with its untouched nature.


Established in 1985, Cloudy Bay was one of the first five estates to venture into Marlborough at the northeast part of the New Zealand’s South Island, known for its hot days and cool nights, to set up a vineyard. Until then, this had simply not been done there.


The founder of Cloudy Bay, David Hohnen was convinced of the potential of this place. No one disagrees with that now – Marlborough has risen to become New Zealand’s leading wine-growing region and Cloudy Bay has become a key player on the international wine market.


Cloudy Bay’s flagship wine is Sauvignon Blanc. In a vineyard nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Richmond Range mountains, expressive, refined and fruity wines are produced. According to their winemakers, they translate the local lush nature and stress-free lifestyle into wine. Grapes are harvested by hand from nine different plots of land. Harvest is done at night when it is cool and grapes are the most aromatic.


The winemakers do not lack courage. Cloudy Bay expanded in 2010 and started producing Pinot Noir from grapes grown in their Central Otago vineyards. The fact that they are now in charge of the world’s southernmost wine-making region can also be considered a bold move. The spirit of the explorer lives on. “We create our wines in cooperation with the untamed natural world,” they have stated.


The cooperation between nature and humans has been noticed at a global level – the Cloudy Bay wines are exported to 30 countries and their estate now covers nearly 310 hectares. To make the best of their vineyards, they also produce Chardonnay.


Here and now

Cloudy Bay does not boast about their history – what matters is today. Here and now. And all that is good.


Authentic New Zealand

When people say “New Zealand wine”, they mean “Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc.”


The world’s southernmost region

Pino Noir produced in the world’s southernmost wine region – if you were to go any further south, you’d be in Antarctica.



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