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Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo


Jose Cuervo is the world’s oldest and one of the best-selling brand of tequila – many know it as the father of tequila.


Even the ancient Maya peoples knew how to make tequila from agave. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, they were fascinated by the local agave drink mezcal. In 1758, José Antonio de Cuervo y Valdés was given a writ of land ownership by King Fernand VI to establish an agave plantation. The plantation was named Casa Cuervo (House of Crow).


The year 1795 marks the birth of tequila as prohibition was lifted and Jose Cuervo was the first in Mexico to receive the official charter from the King of Spain Carlos VI to produce and distribute tequila.
Cuervo could never have even dreamt that the first few hundred plants that he planted would grow into millions and result in large-scale production. In 1812, he founded the La Rojeña distillery where Jose Cuervo is produced to this day. It is the oldest active distillery in Latin America.

People started to show a growing interest in quality tequila in the middle of the 19th century. The first barrels of Jose Cuervo arrived in California in 1852. Transportation was difficult as the barrels were huge. To solve this problem, Jose Cuervo was the first tequila brand to bottle tequila individually, making it easier to transport to meet booming demand. Their first bottled tequila was sold in 1906.

Casa Cuervo is still a family business, currently run by Juan Beckmann, sixth-generation descendant of founder Jose Cuervo.


The world’s first tequila

Jose Cuervo is the first and oldest tequila brand and still uses the same 250-year-old recipes that have been handed down generation through generation.


Appellation of Origin

Jose Cuervo tequila is produced in the town of Tequila in the state of Jalisco – one of five authorised states in Mexico that are allowed to make tequila. Each authentic tequila bottle is marked with a four-digit NOM or distiller registration number, Jose Cuervo’s NOM numbers are 1104 and 1122.


Sharp, not strong

Jose Cuervo tequilas are bottled at 38% to 40% ABV. Tequila is often consumed straight as a shot, which has led to a misconception that tequila is stronger than other spirits.


Sun-loving agave

Tequila has a unique taste – it is made from the blue agave plant which needs six to twelve years of sun before it is mature enough to be used for tequila production.





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