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Maison Champy

Maison Champy

Maison Champy

Maison Champy


Maison Champy is the oldest wine company in Burgundy, where passionate winemaker Dimitri Bazas is creating organic wines.


Maison Champy is a family business located in Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy. It was founded in 1720, making it the oldest winery in Burgundy that is still active. There is much in their history that is noteworthy: in 1890, they consulted Gustave Eiffel on the construction of their buildings. Moreover, Louis Pasteur worked here when he perfected pasteurisation, and, at the turn of the century, they received a number of international medals and diplomas.



After a relatively quiet period, Maison Champy started to gain more attention again since 1999 when Dimitri Bazas, a passionate oenologist from Greece, joined the company. It was at his initiative that the company started to work towards organic production (they received the certificate in 2012).


Their aim was not to use the word “organic” as a marketing strategy, instead they wanted to let the pure nature of the wine to shine naturally. He is not only concerned with eliminating the use of fertilisers and cultivated yeast, but takes it one step further: in the case of certain wines, the principles of biodynamic farming are followed at all stages of production, e.g. following the lunar calendar in planning works.


The eco-friendly approach led them to also grow their own grapes. For a long period, Maison Champy produced their wine from outsourced grapes, resulting in wines that contained grapes of several varieties from several producers. To fully implement the vision of Dimitri Bazas, it was better to have their own vineyards. Thus, over time, they have acquired 25 hectares of vineyards near their estate. However, at the moment, less than half of their grapes come from their own vineyards.


They are striving to produce wines that reflect the best characteristics of the terroir, not the style of the House of Champy. Maison Champy belongs to the AdVini group since 2016.


Taste of the terroir

The winery offers a wide selection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, each reflecting their own special terroir.


Burgundy fit for all

If you want to enjoy a delicious Burgundy wine but do not want to rob a bank for it, Maison Champy is an excellent choice.



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