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Masseria Altemura

Masseria Altemura

Masseria Altemura

Masseria Altemura


A winery whose wines perfectly capture the essence of Italy – a touch of antiquity, the winds of the Mediterranean sea, and the uniqueness of the soil.


Masseria Altemura winery is situated in Salento in the heart of Apulia, which is known for its rich soil. Here the Mediterranean nature, light, wind and sea come together in unique alchemy, giving life to excellent wines.


Between the Ionian and the Adriatic Seas, the so-called heel of the Italian boot, has everything you could ever need for winemaking. Since 2000, this beautiful estate has belonged to the Zonin family, who are realising their dream of producing exceptional Mediterranean wines and contributing to the rebirth of Apulian viticulture.


The story of the Masseria Altemura estate dates back to the 16th century; however, the Santa Susana Tower was already constructed by the 4th century BC. The estate has always been the flagship of agriculture in the region. Masseria Altemura was a fortified farmhouse that served the purpose of protecting the area from foreign invaders. Since 2000, the Zonin family has restored the estate’s buildings and farmland to its former glory, with full respect for the environment and the original architecture. The property has more than 270 hectares, 150 of which are planted in vines. In the management of their plantations, they follow modern sustainable practices and old traditions. They have chosen to grow the best indigenous varieties. The estate is also home to 40 hectares of old olive groves.


The estate lies within the production zone of the Primitivo di Manduria DOC, one of the terroirs most suitable for making quality wines. The soil is rich in clay and limestone. In this region, yields are much higher than in other parts of Italy. Gapes grown in such a unique climate and mineral-rich soil produce juicy and bold red wines with an elegant bouquet and delightful taste. The indigenous varieties grown are Aglianico and Primitivo.


White grapes Falanghina and Fiano are also gaining popularity. White wines are complemented by a range of notes, from exotic fruity to fresh and mineral-rich. In addition to wines, Masseria Altemura also produces olive oil. Pugliese olive oil is special in that the taste perfectly reflects the terroir it came from.


In addition to top-quality wines, Masseria Altemura also offers accommodation, cooking classes, wine tasting, and guided tours where they introduce the unique culture of Puglia.


Extraordinary soil

The reflective limestone fragments in the soil warm the grapes, yielding wines that are also warm and powerful.



Masseria Altemura, as the Italian word masseria indicates, used to be a fortified farmhouse.


Underground forces

The winery is unique in that it has a secret water supply – an underground river.




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