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If you wish to try authentic Spanish wine, Numanthia is a true expression of its terroir and the history of Spain.


You cannot get more Spanish! This is what can be said about Bodega Numanthia located northwest of Madrid, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. A high plateau of red sand, clay and lime where summers are hot and dry and winters are harsh – there are vines that are 100 years old. The first Numanthia vines were planted in 1880.


Estate Director Lucas Löwi describes their local climate with the Spanish proverb “nine months of winter and three months of hell”. More than 2000 years ago the city of Numancia resisted the siege of the Roman legions. The name given to the winery established in 1998 pays tribute to the resilient city of Numancia and is a testament of the estate owners’ love for their country. The estate is located in the wine region of Toro, in Spanish the word toro means ‘bull’.


The Numanthia winery was founded with the objective of preserving and developing the ancient potential of the local vineyards. Only the native Tinta de Toro grape variety from the Tempranillo family is grown, a variety which is able to thrive in extreme conditions, producing particularly concentrated and aroma-rich wines. The oldest vineyards have been preserved for generation after generation for over one hundred years. The vines are dry-farmed and sparsely planted, produce very low yields and the grapes are left to ripen fully. The vineyards of Bodega Numanthia consist of over one hundred tiny plots, the fruits of which are combined to produce three types of wine.



A true Spaniard in the best sense of the word. And the tipple of choice for Christopher Columbus and his crew!


Ancient energy

The terroir, history and wines of Bodega Numanthia are an expression of ancient strength.


Indigenous variety

By extracting the very best from the incredible Tinta de Toro vines, they are able to create three different wines, each with its own style and profile, but all equally elegant and sophisticated at the same time.


Well aged

Numanthia gives itself the luxury to age its wines for a rare seven to eight years before release, sometimes even longer.




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