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    France / Cotes de Provence

Château D’Esclans


Château D’Esclans

Château D’Esclans has a rich history and, in the production of their premium rosés, they have combined French tradition with innovative winemaking techniques.


The Château d’Esclans winery, situated in the heart of Provence, has a rich history. Their wines were the same pink colour as the modern rosé wines, even 2,600 years ago when Greek settlers founded the city of Marseille. Four centuries later, the Romans settled in the area known for its premium rosé and continued the tradition of winemaking. Modern-day winemaking in Provence was born in the 14th century when the kingdom’s great noble families acquired a large number of the vineyards in the region and started managing them.


Already by the Middle Ages, there was a manor house at the location of the winery, the cellar structure of which is the oldest in the region today. The current château, inspired by Tuscan Villa design, was built during the 19th century. A number of noble French families have lived here, for instance, in 1875, the property was sold to Joseph Toussaint Caussemille, the inventor of the French wooden match. Sacha Lichine, who is considered an influential innovator in today’s winemaking, acquired Château d’Esclans in 2006. With this, a new and exciting chapter for Château D'Esclans began.


As the son of Alexis Lichine, a very influential figure in the wine industry, Sacha got involved with the wine business at an early age and has worked in all of its sectors. Acquiring Château D’Esclans in 2006 was a pivotal moment for Sacha. The vision of Sacha Lichine was to create the greatest rosés in the world and to ignite the “Rosé Renaissance”. Sacha’s first winemaker,


Patrick Léon, who learned his skills from Alexis Lichine, helped him achieve his goals. Patrick created a number of wines, realising Sacha’s vision of creating wines of a certain quality, and introduced new winemaking techniques in Provence that completely transformed the style of rosé. The team of winemakers is now headed by Bertrand, Patrick’s son, who is following in his father’s footsteps.


Rosé Renaissance

A winery that grew out of the vision of creating the world’s best rosé. Today, their products are now sold in more than 100 countries.


Legendary winemaker

The Château’s first winemaker, Patrick Leon was one of the most influential winemakers of our time – he helped create the premium rosés Garrus and Whispering Angel.


Luscious flavour

Château D’Esclans is known for its old Grenache vines which produce grapes that offer a luscious flavour.

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