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Ron Santiago

Ron Santiago

Ron Santiago

Ron Santiago

Cuba’s best kept secret lies in the eastern part of the island – in the Cradle of Light Rum.


Cuban rum has a certain quality, which is why it is in demand worldwide. The secret is in the raw materials – their rum is made from molasses which, in turn, is extracted from sugarcane. Sugarcane is grown in around 80 countries; however, thanks to the hot and humid climate of the Caribbean, their sugarcane is considered the best in the world.


The distillery was founded in Santiago de Cuba, one of the oldest cities of Cuba, in 1862. This is where Ron Santiago de Cuba rum is made – in the oldest distillery in Cuba, situated in the southern part of the island. Today, other prestigious rums besides Ron Santiago de Cuba are also produced in the distillery which occupies an area of more than 16,000 square metres. According to legend, the ground shaking from passing trains vibrates the resting barrels, enriching the ageing process. In the southern part of the island, under the fiery sun, grows sugarcane, which produces sweeter rum than the sugarcane grown in the northern part of the island. In addition to excellent raw materials, Ron Santiago de Cuba is special for its high-quality production process, the last step of which is years of ageing in American white oak barrels. Ron Santiago de Cuba is considered the best Cuban rum. Additionally, their white rum is the most popular rum used in Cuban clubs to make cocktails.


Ron Santiago de Cuba is the choice of selective rum preferers. The producers are aiming to shake off the pirate image of rum and advance in the modern premium rum market. Within the last decade, the brand has actively expanded to foreign markets, and their products are now being exported to a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. This success is attributable to the hard work of the distillery workers who after the revolution became distillery owners. The high quality of Ron Santiago de Cuba products is evidenced by the long list of awards that they have won from festivals and trade fairs all over the world, including the Gold Medal for quality that they won in 2013 at PRODEXPO, one of the leading trade fairs for food and beverages in Eastern Europe.


Experience and quality
Ron Santiago de Cuba has combined the best rum-making traditions with a vision of a modern premium rum brand.


Perfect climate
The sun in the southern part of Cuba yields the best sugarcane. All Ron Santiago de Cuba rums are only made from the sugarcane grown in this specific region of the country.


The Cradle of Light Rum
The birthplace of Ron Santiago de Cuba is known as the Cradle of Light Rum.

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