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One of the world’s finest rums, aged above the clouds.


Zacapa rum is special in that it is aged 2,300 metres above sea level – the production facility of Zacapa is called the ‘House Above the Clouds’. The cool fresh air of the highlands of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, prevents the evaporation of the rum during ageing, giving it an exceptionally rich flavour.


Zacapa rum was created in 1976 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Zacapa. The rum was developed by Dr. Alejandro Burgaleta who used different methods to blend a variety of long-aged rums. During the first years, very limited quantities of Zacapa were produced and it was mainly consumed by the owners of the distillery. Zacapa rum is a work of art, a true expression of patience, richness, quality and master blending. This is the reason why they decided to market it at a larger scale.



Early Zacapa bottles came in a bottle covered in a petate – handwoven matting made from palm leaves, the tradition of which originates from Mayan culture. As the city of Zacapa is known for its skilled craftsmen whose primary raw material is palm trees and their leaves, the company wanted to bring attention to the cultural and social background of the city with this gesture of using petate. Zacapa still highly respects the work of petate weaving and it is a job done only by the most skilled craftsmen in town.


Zacapa rum is aged like no other rum in the Caribbean. After distillation, rum is aged in old French oak barrels which previously contained cognac. The sweet oak aroma of the rum is a result of this perfect ageing process. Zacapa rum is characterised by multi-layered sweet aromas of cherry and chocolate, complemented by sweet notes of oak and vanilla, as well as lighter notes of cinnamon, mango, and raspberry. The aftertaste is mellow with a long-lasting aroma. Zacapa rum is best served neat or on the rocks.

Zacapa was awarded the grand prize at the International Rum Festival four years in a row (1998–2001) and won Gold in 2018. It was also the first rum to be included in the International Rum Festival’s Hall of Fame.


Untouched by angels

In some countries they say that the part that evaporates during the ageing process is the “angels’ share”. Thanks to the cool mountain air, Zacapa barely evaporates. This allows the rum to be aged for decades.


World’s best

According to many experts, Zacapa is the best rum. Zacapa rum has a deep amber colour, exceptionally strong aroma, and a rich flavour.

Mayan heritage

The Zacapa bottles include petate bands – a nod to the handicrafts of the Mayan peoples who lived there 3,000 years ago.



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