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Zonin is one of the most renowned wine producers in Italy – in addition to the wide selection of wines, Zonin also produces excellent sparkling wines.


The Prosecco made from Glera grapes dates back to the 19th century when the Zonin family started producing wines in one of the best wine-growing regions in the country. Even though the Zonin family has been involved in winemaking since 1821 when they first acquired vineyards, the true beginning of Casa Vinicola Zonin is the year 1921 when Domenico Zonin set about developing his family’s lands and vineyards.


Casa Vinicola Zonin is one of the most prominent wine producers in Italy. The Zonin winery produces wines and sparkling wines under the famous Zonin name, but also in nine exclusive wineries in Italy, the USA, and Chile (Dos Almas). Zonin is a family business that has been operating for two centuries and seven generations. Over time, the Zonin family has increased its involvement with the historic lands and vineyards of the estate which are a true architectural gems.



Domenico Zonin was born in 1899, he was quick-witted and had an entrepreneurial mindset. He expressed great interest in winemaking which is why he started working in his family’s vineyard at an early age. When he was only 22 years old, he asked his father for his share of the estate – that is how Zonin’s story of winemaking begins.


Gianni Zonin was born in 1938. He went on to study oenology in university and joined the company at the age of 19. It was him who took the business to a whole new level. After the war, demand for quality wine increased. The company became famous worldwide in 1970 when they acquired the Ca’Bolani estate. Currently, brothers Francesco, Michele and Domenico run the company in the small and homely town of Gambellara, representing the seventh generation of the company’s history.


In addition to being the manager and winemaker of Podere San Cristoforo, the newest winery of Zonin, which is situated in Tuscany and is dedicated to producing biodynamic wines, Lorenzo Zonin is also the Brand Ambassador of Zonin. Lorenzo is a passionate lover of Italian wines. It is his job and hobby to share his knowledge about pairing wine and food. “Wine and its specific territory should always go together, as well as the right dish for it. These three elements complete the tasting experience of a wine,” Lorenzo says.


Sparkling wine has been produced in Italy for close to 200 years. During this time, Italians have mastered the art of making sparkling wine. Zonin is one of the most notable wine producers in the world, operating under the simple philosophy that: each region has its own traditions, each region has its own wines. Following this principle, Zonin owns and manages nearly 5,000 acres of vineyards which are located in the best wine-making regions of Italy. Each winery has its own vineyards, the grapes of which are used to produce wines on the estate. Thus each bottle is the purest expression of its terroir.


The Zonin family owns the largest Glera vineyards in Italy. In addition to authentic grapes, the proper production method is also essential to ensure the light and effervescent nature of Prosecco. Since Zonin has complete control over all aspects of the production – from vineyard to glass – they are able to offer the freshest Prosecco on the market. It is not just a sparkling wine, but a wine that sparkles. Zonin is one of the bestselling Proseccos in the world.


200 years of experience

The Zonin family has passed on their knowledge of making the best sparkling and non-sparkling wines from generation to generation. Passionate The family controls all aspects of production.


Pairs beautifully with food

Zonin Prosecco’s fresh and fruity flavour profile make it easy to pair with any kind of food – salads, seafood, chicken, pasta, desserts.



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