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Brandy is a spirit drink obtained by distilling wine or fermenting fruit juices and skins. There are three main types of brandy: grape brandy, pomace brandy and apple brandy. Often, the price of brandy depends on the production raw material, as well as the method and time of distillation, maturation. The price of brandy is similar to other distilled spirits. Beautiful packaging and a low price are not necessarily a good choice, you should pay attention to the manufacturer, the aging time and then choose the brandy so that the price corresponds to the quality. in 1884 Lionel Stock founded Camis & Stock, whose first product was Cognac Medicinal, now known as Stock 84 brandy. The distinctiveness of the Stock 84 brand is the aroma, taste and golden color of the drinks, which are obtained due to long aging in oak barrels, as well as the right price of brandy. Long aging in oak casks gives Stock 84 its unique, mild taste and balanced range of aromas, which have been a trademark of the product for more than 130 years. This brandy is now available online at the best prices. French apple brandy - Calvados - is a drink with a long tradition, produced in the largest Normandy factory in the northern part of France. Although the climate did not allow the cultivation of grapes, the resourceful Romans realized that the local apples were perfect for making cider. The first about apple brandy in 1553. written by Lord Gilles de Guberville, who lived on the Cotantin Peninsula. in 1942 the status of approved appellation d'origine contrôlée (protected designation of origin) has been accompanied by radical changes and expansion, now 85-90%. calvadoso is made in larger cider houses, called cidrerie. Pere Magloire has been produced in France since 1821. and eventually became the leading Calvados both in France and in many other countries. Pere Magloire V.S.O.P. Calvados" is aged for at least 4 years, it is a drink with a mild and varied aroma. This brandy is sold online in various countries as well as in the Prike store.
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