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Prosecco is produced in northeastern Italy from the Glera grape variety (formerly known as Prosecco). The history of this name change is quite long. The Prosecco grape variety began to be grown outside of Italy in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India and Romania, and the wine produced from these grapes was also called Prosecco. However, in 2009 a regulation was passed that established that the name "Prosecco" can only be used for wine produced in specific regions of North-Eastern Italy. Prosecco DOC wines can only be produced in the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions, while Prosecco DOCG wines can only be produced in the villages of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene and Asolo/Supgeriore. To avoid confusion, the Prosecco grape was given a new name - Glera. The price of Prosecco varies depending on the region where the grapes are grown. Prosecco is produced exclusively by the charmat method, where the wine is aged in stainless steel barrels. This production method is cheaper than the traditional one, so the price of Prosecco is lower than that of Champagne. When buying Prosecco online, you will find detailed information about the drink, the producer and recommendations. Rosé Prosecco was 2021. the news. Although the new rosé drink tastes similar to traditional Prosecco wine, it has bright bubbles and freshness. In addition, the richer color of the drink is complemented by the flavors of flowers and fruits, they are characterized by subtle accents of summer berries and a fresh aroma. Prosecco Rosé producers commit to using at least 85% traditional "Glera" grapes and no more than 15% Pinot Noir grapes. Like classic Prosecco, rosé Prosecco Rosé goes well as an aperitif, with fish dishes, cheeses and pastries, bacon, ham and terrines. When you buy Prosecco online you will find a wide selection of the most famous producers and of course Zonin Prosecco is one of the most popular Prosecco in the world.
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