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BELSAZAR White 0.75L vermouth

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Belsazar Vermouth White is a mild and sweet aroma with a hint of elegant vanilla. Clear notes of dried peach and orange are accentuated by the presence of herbs and spices. Important base wine: Gewürztraminer and Cuvee of Sweet Wines. Belsazar vermouth is known for its complex taste, which is created in a maceration process using exceptional quality extracts from herbs, spices, blossoms, husks and peels. Great wines are the basis for Belsazar vermouth. The best quality regional wines from south Germany is the main essential requirements Belsazar Vermouth and its taste. Each variety of Belsazar has its own macerate, which are left to mature in large demijohns. The delicate sweatness of Belsazar comes from adding grape-must. This must is refined with brandy, which matured in oak casks, to stop it from fermentation. Fruit brandy is used from The Schladrer distillery that has been producing fruit brandies using only natural ingredients since 1844. All ingredients are mixed together during the filtration stage. The wine, fruit brandies and must becomes one. This is a delicate combination of skill, time and temperature. Finally, the vermouth is aged in wooden barrels up to three months.
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A delicate and sweet
0.75 L
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