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BELVEDERE Organic infusions Lemon & Basil 0.7L vodka

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Belvedere Organic Infusions are proudly made with 100% organically certified Non GMO Polska Rye and only that, but the fruits & botanicals used in our infusions are also completely 100% organic too. Secondly, the way Belvedere harness flavour is also very different in both vodkas. With macerations they steep all ingredients in vodka, then distil to refine the fruit character and then blend back into rye vodka creating a range of flavour forward robust vodkas. But, with Belvedere Organic Infusions they can’t simply rely on one process to harness flavour, so they take a different approach. For Organic infusions they use a combination of different techniques because each ingredient requires an individual and bespoke approach for it to release its own unique character. Certified PL-EKO-01 EU agriculture.
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A Succulent texture with lemon tart and herbaceous basil, followed by floral elderflower and juicy Muscat grapes. Finish: A Sustained and elegant finish with fresh lemon zest and peppery basil leaf with a final hint of elderflower.
0.7 L
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