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CANTINA TOBLINO Sauvignon Blanc Trentino DOC BIO wine

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Cantina Toblino is a respected winery in northern Italy since 1960 and has historically made a very important contribution to the preservation of the heritage of the Trentino region, which is the Nosiola grape and Vin Santo. Cantina Toblino winery is moving towards 100% organic certification. The taste of Sauvignon Blanc Trentino is dry, juicy and fresh, with a good balance of fruity acidity. There is a noticeable minerality in the aftertaste. The intensely aromatic aroma is dominated by gooseberry, fresh grapefruit, some flowers and elderflower are also noticeable. Made from 100% organic Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Certified by LT-EKO-001 EU agriculture.
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Dry, pleasantly fresh and complex, well balanced acidity, a pleasantly aromatic and mineral aftertaste
0.75 L
Grape variety:
Sauvignon Blanc
Amount in case:
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