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HENNESSY X.O 0.35L cognac with box

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Hennessy raised the bar with its V.S.O.P. This blend of eaux-de-vie finds a natural balance of strength and smoothness – where vigour and maturity collide. Sample it with this half bottle. The ideal expression of a perfectly balanced cognac, Hennessy V.S.O.P originated from an order placed in 1817 by the future King George IV of the United Kingdom for a “Very Superior Old Pale” cognac. The first V.S.O.P – and still a favourite throughout the world ­– Hennessy V.S.O.P is a reflection of the enduring expertise of the Hennessy Tasting Committee and the Master Blender. Made using a blend of eaux-de-vie that are between four and 15 years old, and mostly matured in seasoned French oak barrels, it finds the perfect balance between character and smoothness.
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Oak with sweet notes of vanilla and toffee.
0.35 L
Amount in case:
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