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OBAN 14 Y.O. 0.7L single malt scotch whisky with box

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Oban is one of Scotland’s oldest and smallest distillery, founded in 1794. This distillery is located on the north coast of the Highlands, Scotland’s largest and most famous whiskey region. Oban is one of few Scottish distilleries that can document its history up to 18th century. Oban is single malt whisky in which the rich, complex flavours of the Highlands meet and mingle with the peaty, maritime character of the Islands. Oban whisky owes its rich and rewarding character to its very long fermentation process. The tiny lamp glass-shaped copper pot stills that make Oban’s Scotch are among the smallest in Scotland, and the liquor they distil is slowly condensed in wooden worm tubs outside among the rooftops. Oban 14 years old whisky is a combination of rich sweetness and smoky dryness with fruity notes of oranges, pears and dried figs, plus hints of sea-salt and peat smoke notes. Oban 14 years old single malt is slowly distillated in two small stills followed by cooling in worm tubs and 14 years of maturation for full of rich sweet flavours. This whisky nose is rich and smoky. The palate is thick and full. There are notes of citrus with smooth sweetness with smoky dryness and additional notes of seaweed. The finish is of good length with fruit and dry oak.
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Combination of rich sweetness and smoky dryness with hints of citrus
0.7 L
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