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PAKRUOJO DVARO London dry gin Geronimo 0.5L

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Gin Geronimo – is the first London Dry gin from Pakruojis Manor Distillery We find our inspiration in nature and in the surrounding fields and forests of our distillery. For our first gin, we utilised just three ingredients, procured expertly from beyond our usual sources – 2 varieties of juniper, fresh fragrant coriander, and the invigorating peel of lime. To add the unique stamp of our own originality we used local chamomiles, crested late-summer mint, and the root of Acorus Calamus. As part of our unique process, we endeavour to grow as many plants and herbs as possible in the soils of our traditional garden. Through our daily experiments and trials with maceration and distillation, we employ the use of multiple varieties of unique plant species. Occasionally, fate plays a part in our experimentation, and some varieties of plants and herbs arrive on our tables as if by accident – on this occasion the source of the herbs employed was the gift of a playful cat. In the process of beer distillation, we use ancient copper stills to which steam is supplied, generated from a traditional wood-fired boiler. However, to produce our gin, we have acquired a new state-of-the-art modern distillation apparatus. The new apparatus allows precise temperature control across all stages of the distillation process. It is this marriage of modern technologies with ancient and traditional methods that keep our fascination alive and our imaginations forever on the prowl for new experiences. Through this marriage, and our continued curiosity, it is our wish to discover even more interesting combinations, flavours, and tastes to fascinate the palate. Gin ‘Geronimo’ delivers the visceral qualities of a strong herbal aroma and equally complementary taste. The integral flavour and aftertaste are offset by the cooler, fresher aroma of mint. The intensity of the palette is enhanced by the drink’s higher alcohol content – 43%.
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The flavor and aftertaste are complemented by frozen and slightly cooling mint aromas.
0.5 L
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