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PAKRUOJO DVARO Paskolinė 0.5L bitter

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Until recently, a case in which a prominent and influential politician allegedly received a bribe from an equally famous businessman was heard throughout Lithuania. According to them, it was a personal loan. For us, the most interesting thing in this story is that the money was handed over in a liquor box together with a loan note. A very practical solution. This inspired the creation of a special drink - "Poskolina". The limited edition "Poskolinė" has everything you may need when concluding a loan transaction with friends, acquaintances or other reliable people. A capacious box - can hold up to 90,000 euros; loan note template to make everything official; well, the drink itself is to seal the deal. So, to strengthen the not everyday deal, we created not everyday to taste. It is a drink with a frozen caramel smell and taste, with a strong herbaceous bitterness. It creates a complex feeling. We only use five herbs grown in a Lithuanian herbalist's garden located 20 kilometers from the distillery.
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0.5 L
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