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VOLCAN Cristalino 0.7L tequila

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The Cristalino blend of Añejo and extra-añejo tequila is made from 100% blue Weber agave from the Jalisco lowlands. Añejo matures in Glenmorangie whisky barrels and extra-añejo in Hennessy cognac barrels. The tequila is carefully filtered before mixing to remove its amber colour, but the complex character of the drink is preserved. Volcán De Mi Tierra is a tribute to the volcano rising from the lowlands of Mexico's Jalisco region, after which the tequila also got its name: El Volcán de Tequila. Tequila Volcano erupted 200,000 years ago and reshaped the entire region. The eruption covered the earth with rich volcanic soil, creating an ideal growing environment for the blue agave.
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Maturation in cognac and whiskey barrels gives Cristalino a deep and creamy sense of vanilla, caramel and chocolate, while the taste nuances receive their unique complexity from the terroir. The powerful personality of Añejo Cristalino reveals itself in the strong flavours of caramel, tobacco and dark chocolate. The finish leaves a silky feeling in the mouth. Surprisingly bright and clean despite the strong and rich flavours.
0.7 L
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