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In assortment, the PRIKE company has a really large selection of various drinks. A large part of the portfolio is occupied by strong drinks, still and sparkling wines, as well as champagne. We represent and distribute some of the most famous brands: Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Dom Perignon, Krug and Armand de Brignac. Although champagne and the price of champagne can often scare the buyer, it is important to remember what makes this drink different from other sparkling wines and why the price of champagne is significantly higher and why we are willing to pay more. Let's start with the fact that champagne can only be produced in the Champagne region, and this drink is also produced only from certain grapes, the cultivation of which requires a lot of effort and cultivation in the rather harsh climatic conditions of the region. What's more, the entire Champagne region is classified into Grand Crus, Premium Crus and Other Crus. A unique production method, often called traditional, takes a lot of time. Champagne matures in bottles for a minimum of 15 months, and if it is a vintage champagne, even 36 months! These are just a few of the main listed features that make up a higher price than, say, a Spanish sparkling wine - Cava. And in exceptional cases, it also happens that the price of champagne is equal to a new car or a luxurious ring with large, high-quality diamonds. Such an event happened relatively recently, when the real treasure was pulled from the bottom of the Baltic Sea - old, centuries-old bottles of Veuve Clicquot that sank with the ship, which were sold at auctions for an impressive amount of 30,000 dollars. Recently, the PRIKE company opened and started e-commerce - champagne online simplifies the purchase path to your festive table even more. The price of champagne and its easier comparison with other brands, the characteristics of champagne, the composition of grapes, the specifics of production - all of these are advantages when buying champagne online becomes an informative and interesting shopping experience.
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