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Vodka is 40 percent. a strong alcoholic drink that can be made from a variety of products, but most often it is made from grains, sometimes from potatoes or sugar beets. Vodka is described as a drink with a specific smell and taste, but this description applies only to its highest types, which is why the price of vodka varies. One of the world's most famous vodkas is believed to have originated in 1818, when the serf brothers Alekseev founded a vodka business in Moscow. Later, he bought himself out of serfdom and changed his surname to Smirnov. Half a century later, Piotr Smirnov started filtering vodka through a charcoal filter. Around the same time, the current name for vodka - "vodka" - appeared. In 1886, "SMIRNOFF" became the official supplier of the Russian tsar's estate: the company supplied the estate with vodka until the execution of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II. Smirnov had a third of the Moscow market in his hands. This is not surprising, because the price of Smirnov vodka was significantly different from that of competitors' drinks. With the October Revolution, the activities of the Smirnovs in Russia also ended. The factory was nationalized, and the production secrets were taken abroad together with the family members. The recipes and the right to use the name were first transported to Constantinople, then to Lviv, Ukraine. There, the Russian name "Smirnov" was changed to the French "Smirnoff", but business did not go as smoothly as in Moscow. in 1925 The vodka factory moved to Paris. Smirnov met Rudolf Kunetta, a Russian who had emigrated to America, who supplied them with grain during the Moscow era. They agreed that Mr. Kunett would have the right to make Smirnoff vodka in North America. At first, the business was not too successful, but the wholesaler had a great idea. In 1939, SMIRNOFF vodka was marketed as a tasteless and odorless "white whiskey". The price of vodka varied, but this positioning proved successful and it successfully took market share among other well-known alcoholic beverages of the world. Today, the price of quality vodka does not differ from the price of other spirits. The brand is currently owned by the British concern Diageo. Today, Smirnoff vodka is produced in Italy and Scotland, sold in many countries as well as vodka online.
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