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Gin is tart, like a juniper berry. All gins should have the distinct smell and taste of juniper berries, but other spices used may vary. The Dutch started tasting alcoholic drinks with juniper berries. For several centuries, Rotterdam was the center of the gin trade, from where genever - Dutch gin - was transported by sailing ships to various countries around the world. Due to the Dutch influence, the French word geniévre (juniper) became genever, and later the English adapted it to their pronunciation, thus geniévre became gin (gin). According to legend, the beginning of gin's popularity is the colonization of India. The colonists used quinine with tonic as an antimalarial drug. To make it easier to swallow, gin was added to the tonic. This is how the famous gin and tonic drink was born. Together with the British soldiers returning home, the gin called dutch courage reached England, where this drink quickly became popular. At that time, the price of gin was not surprising, because the beer was of poor quality. Juniper berry vodka, whose taste defects were tried to be hidden by adding sugar, infected the British so much that to control the drink fever, it was necessary to issue the royal gin act, which in 1736-1742. the price of gin was raised and rates legalized. It is worth noting that the price of gin may vary due to different ingredients. Generally, gin is divided into two types: English and Dutch. London Dry Gin is a colorless, flavored and easy-to-mix dry gin, mostly used for mixing cocktails and other drinks. The specialty of Sloe Gin is that instead of juniper berries, it is flavored with prickly plums. Old Tom Gin, like all the predecessors of English gin, is sweetened with sugar. The price of gin varies depending on the brand. Gin online - the widest choice.
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