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In 1759 Arthur Guinness rented a dilapidated brewery in Dublin. The man's plans were ambitious, as the lease was for 9,000 years. At that time, pale ale was popular in Ireland. All breweries produced only it. The young brewer took a different direction: A. Guinness started to produce a new, dark and rich porter-type beer that is gradually gaining more and more popularity. This beer was priced differently from regular beer, but soon became popular. Now the production of this beer takes place in London, but the legendary brewery is home to the interactive Guinness Museum, which has become one of the most visited places in Ireland. GUINNESS was one of the first Irish breweries in the 19th century. who started to export their products to other distant overseas countries in the middle. Almost every pub around the world sells a distinctive Irish stout with its famous creamy foam. This was quite a bold move as the risky sea voyages usually limited the local market. Guinness Black Beer 1858 was drunk in countries as far away as New Zealand, compared to today, Guinness beer is available online worldwide and the price of beer fluctuates around the world. According to the brewers, their beer can be distinguished by six characteristics: Guinness beer is made from roasted barley and hops, special yeast and Wicklow mountain water are used in the production, it relies on a precise aging process, it has a famous creamy head and, finally, through centuries of experience and secrets accumulated by brewers. Therefore, the price of this beer stands out from the others. The pleasant creaminess of the beer is ensured by a clever invention. Dark beer can't be heavily carbonated, but everyone loves a cap of foam crowning a beer glass. Therefore, a small ball with a hole is placed in the beer can before closing. When closing, pressure is created in the can and part of the beer falls into the ball. After opening the can, the pressure gradually drops, the beer is squeezed out of the ball very quickly, so the slightly carbonated drink is decorated with a nice creamy cap of foam. Pouring the perfect pint of GUINNESS beer is easy if you follow the special instructions. They reveal not only the exact angle of inclination of the glass when pouring beer, but also the duration of pouring - the glass must be filled in exactly 119.5 seconds
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