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Cognac can be considered one of the most luxurious alcoholic beverages in the world. It is a high-quality type of brandy that is produced in France, in the Cognac region. Cognac has a unique taste and aroma, which it acquires after aging for a certain time in special barrels. The price of cognac can vary greatly depending on the brand, age and other factors. The price of high-quality cognac can reach hundreds or even thousands of euros, while a cheaper option costs several hundred. The grandson of the founder of the cognac house Hennessy introduced the cognac labeling system. Using one, two or three stars on the label indicated how old the cognac is in the bottle. Currently, cognacs are classified as follows: cognacs aged at least 2 years are marked with the letters V.S., cognacs aged at least 4 years - V.S.O.P. and not younger than 10 years - X.O. The price of cognac varies according to these tags. Even the average cognac price stands out from other spirits. Many wineries in the AOC Cognac region sell their own cognac. In this case, it is a drink made by mixing cognac distilled from the same farm in different years. Such cognacs can be of high quality, but their taste varies slightly from year to year. Usually, the farms sell some of the distilled spirit to the big cognac houses, who use it for blending. Currently, cognac trade is flourishing - specialized stores, cognac houses, cognac online, and France is recognized as the leader in the production of this excellent drink. About 200 million bottles of Cognac are produced in France and 95% of it is exported to other countries. Its main buyers are the USA, England, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan. Cognac online is a great opportunity to purchase a high-quality drink conveniently and quickly.
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