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Liqueur belongs to a group of beverages with the most diverse types. Many unique flavors and aromas, hundreds of completely different shades - from yellow, green, blue, red to black-brown. The great diversity is indicated by the use of names - in the area where the English and French languages are spoken (in Europe and elsewhere in the world), the word liqueur is used, and derived and translated names are based on it. Liqueur is a spirit drink made from distilled alcohol of 20-60% strength with a sugar content of 15-55 g/100 g per liter. It is flavored with various agricultural products - fruits, berries, herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, as well as honey, eggs, cream and various essential oils. The liqueur can be served alone, after food, mixed into cocktails or used in desserts. The origin of liqueur is associated with Italy in the 13th century, it was from there that the first news about drinks made in monasteries, called liquore, spread. Initially, they were used as herbal elixirs and tinctures to improve digestion, relieve various ailments of the body and spirit, and increase muscle tone, but at the same time, the liqueur was also valued as a drink to lift the mood. The Dutch, known as great sailors, were also among the first masters of liqueur production. Already in the 16th century, they made a sweet alcoholic drink from curaçao, a bitter orange growing in the Antilles. This liqueur still stands out from the rest in terms of price and exclusivity. The price of liqueur varies depending on the manufacturer and the recipe for its preparation. Exact recipes are a strictly guarded secret of each producer, passed down from one generation of liqueur-making masters to another and gradually improved, which is why the price of liqueur varies. Often there are more than a hundred seasoning components alone, what to talk about other specific "tricks" of production technology. Therefore, the price of liqueur fluctuates a lot. Liquor for sale on the Internet has an extensive description of the product, the manufacturer and recommendations for the presentation of the liqueur. Liqueur online is a convenient option, you can choose the best balanced option between price and quality, and fast delivery.
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