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Strong spirits

Spirits online - cognac, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, brandy, vodka, liqueur and other uncategorized drinks. Hard liquor contains 20-80% ethanol. It is said that until the twelfth century, only naturally fermented spirits prevailed, and then distillation was learned and various spirits and mixtures made on their basis were found. Strong drinks are more often consumed in countries with a colder climate, historically strong alcoholic drinks were consumed by representatives of the lower social classes and only later, as the quality improved, they began to be consumed by the aristocracy. In the Middle Ages, spirits were used more for medicinal purposes than for everyday consumption. Due to water pollution and lack of hygienic conditions, strong alcoholic beverages were used in ancient times to prevent infections and diseases that spread through food and water. Alcohol has been widespread in various cultures since ancient times, the types of drinks, production technologies and raw materials from which it was made differed. The price of spirits varies depending on the country of manufacture, the type and quality of the drink, the excise policy in the country of sale, and the popularity of the can or brand. Strong drinks, with the exception of cognac, are rarely drunk pure: vodka is usually mixed with various juices, whiskey - with plain or soda water. It is not advisable to dilute them with carbonated water, because with it, alcohol enters the bloodstream faster, so you get drunk faster and unexpectedly. Beyond beer, spirits and cocktails are challenging wine's long-standing monopoly on gastronomic experiences. A well-chosen aperitif and digestif play an important role in both creating and finishing the taste. Strong drinks online is a convenient option that allows you to carefully choose the desired drink, compare prices and, most importantly, fast delivery.
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