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Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine - all other sparkling wines not produced in the Champagne region. The most famous of these are crémant from France, prosecco from Italy and cava from Spain. Cava is a sparkling wine traditionally produced in Spain. It is allowed to be done in eight regions, 95 percent. this drink is produced in Catalonia. Vino espumoso - Spanish sparkling wine. Schaumwein or Sekt is the name of sparkling wine in Germany, Austria and other countries associated with German wine culture, produced in the classic and charmat way. Espumante is a Portuguese sparkling wine. Pezsgő is a Hungarian sparkling wine produced by charmat and transvasée methods. Sparkling wine - the name of sparkling wine in English-speaking countries. Nowadays, sparkling wine is produced almost anywhere that grapes grow and wine can be produced. The best sparkling wines come from France and Spain. Other main sparkling wine producing countries: Italy, Ukraine, USA, Australia, Germany. The Champagne region in northeastern France produces 8% of the world's sparkling wine. Sparkling wine online is a great option that allows you to choose the desired wine according to the country of origin. The price of sparkling wine may vary due to various criteria: country of production, taste characteristics (dry, semi-dry or sweet), as well as aging time. The price of sparkling wine also depends on the method of wine production - made in the classic way or charmat. However, it is important to note that a higher price does not always guarantee better taste or quality. There are many choices when the price of sparkling wine will surprise you with its quality. Sparkling wine online is a popular option, allowing you to carefully select the producer, country and purchase sparkling wine at the right price. This wine is considered a universal drink that can be offered with any meal.
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