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Rum is a strong drink made from distilled sugarcane juice or molasses. The drink can be made anywhere in the world, but most brands are made in Latin America and the Caribbean. Where it came from. White rum is mostly used in cocktails, while dark, aged rum is suitable for both cocktails and sipping neat. Zacapa rum is matured at an altitude of 2,300 meters in the Zacapa production facilities, artistically known as "huts on the clouds". The rarefied air of Guatemala's Quetzaltenango highlands prevents the rum from evaporating, giving Zacapa rum a particularly rich flavor. In the early years, Zacapa rum was produced in very limited quantities, so the price of the rum was high. Later, it was decided to offer it to a wider market. The first bottles of rum were tied with strings of palm leaves according to the Mayan tradition. The city of Sakapa is famous for its artisans, who mainly use palm and leaves as materials, so this gesture drew attention to the cultural and internal environment of the city. Zacapa rum is aged differently than any other Caribbean rum. The secret behind Zacapa rums is the slow maturation process at 2,300m above sea level in the cool, pure air of the Guatemalan highlands, which creates a balance between aroma and taste. Zacapa won the Grand Prix at the International Rum Festival for the fourth year in a row (1998-2001), and in 2018 was awarded a gold medal, so this rum stands out from other rums in price. Why Zacapa? Due to the rare mountain air, Zacapa rum hardly evaporates. This makes it possible to age the drink for more than a couple of decades. Many experts say that Zacapa is the best rum in the world and the price of rum is affordable. Online rum is the choice of discerning rum lovers. The price of collectible rum can be comparable to the most expensive drinks in the world, but in our assortment you will find a price that suits you.
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