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Spritz - sweet, bitter and sparkling wine cocktail. This drink originated in Venice, but its roots go back to Austria and its ginger Spitzer, which consists of white wine and sparkling water. Over the years, recipes have changed slightly in different countries, but the rule of diluting the drink with carbonated water has remained - hence the name of the drink: "spritzen" means "sprayed water" in German. Now it's a trendy drink - popularized by the Italians and loved in many countries and occasions, from après-ski to hot resorts. Today, you can taste great spritzes made from champagne and wine, vodka, gin and liqueur and, of course, soft drinks. The price of a spritz depends on the drinks from which it is prepared. It is understood that prepared with champagne, it will be significantly more expensive than with ordinary sparkling wine. The classic Spritz is prepared with sparkling wine, bittersweet aperitif and sparkling water, with plenty of ice and garnished with a slice of lemon or other citrus fruit. With Spritz online, you can assemble individual drinks to make a cocktail or buy a ready-made drink. Choose sparkling wine, prosecco or champagne, a sweeter or bitter aperitif to prepare your unique cocktail. The price of a spritz consists of the prices of selected different bittersweet aperitifs and sparkling wines. It is also possible to purchase a non-alcoholic Spritz, or to prepare it from Spritz ingredients purchased online. In the Prike store, we offer you to buy Spritz prepared cocktails online at a competitive Spritz price.
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