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Whisky is an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented grain mass and matured in wooden barrels. It is made from barley, rye, wheat, corn. Whisky is made in many places, but the most famous producers of the drink are Ireland, Scotland, the United States of America and Canada. Recently, Japan has also started producing whiskey. Whisky is becoming as desirable to collectors as cognac, and the price of the most sought-after collector's whiskey has already become prohibitive for an ordinary person and reaches as much as 100 thousand. pounds sterling per bottle. What makes whisky desirable and valuable is its content. Especially if it is a limited drink of some well-known brewery, matured by experimenting with interesting barrels. If the whisky aged for many years was bottled several decades ago or is a product of a defunct distillery, it is already a drink in a completely different league. The price of whiskey can reach as much as four zeros and turn into a solid investment. Collectable whiskey is available online for all whiskey fans, as it is rarely found in store chains. The character of the distillery and the casks in which the whisky was matured are crucial factors in choosing a whisky and exploring the world of whisky flavors. Age, price or percentage of alcohol do not necessarily correspond to the principle "more is better". The price of whisky is different, due to the presence of these factors or not. We also have Japanese whisky online. The people of Japan have been drinking whisky since time immemorial, but they started making it only recently. Wider production of whiskey began in the 1920, and the drink has recently won international awards. All manufacturing skills are imported from Scotland. Whiskey is a very flexible drink in terms of flavors, whether it is an ingredient in a cocktail or consumed neat with food. A smoky whiskey is recommended with grilled meats, while medium-bodied, so-called peated whiskys go well with smoked fish and seafood, as well as with smoked duck and liver pâté foie gras. The price of whisky meets your expectations in our store.
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