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Non-alcoholic spirits

Non-alcoholic spirits occupy an increasing share in the Prike range. We offer a number of interesting non-alcoholic drinks for making great non-alcoholic cocktails. The so-called healthy hedonism, which focuses on non-alcoholic vodka, non-alcoholic gin, non-alcoholic whiskey and other non-alcoholic beverages, is gaining more and more attention. Let's take a look at what are the trends in the art of mixing cocktails today. Consumer preferences show a clear direction towards quality. What changes the quantity is the pleasure of drinking a perfectly prepared drink, which experienced bartenders and sommeliers still manage to offer. In addition, non-alcoholic spirits and non-alcoholic cocktails (the same goes for wine and beer) are becoming more and more popular. The reasons for this trend are the growing awareness of body and mind. When adding so-called conscious drinks to the menu, it is worth emphasizing their taste characteristics, and not just the word "non-alcoholic" in the name of the cocktail. Therefore, in the menu of many bars, we can find such cocktails as the non-alcoholic Bloody Mary, which contains non-alcoholic vodka. What to drink if you don't drink? The creators of non-alcoholic drinks are trying to answer this question. Their creation was motivated both by the lack of non-alcoholic drinks (figuratively speaking, you can choose cola or water), and by the desire to offer non-alcoholic strong drinks that are stylish and attractive in their content, just like regular cocktails. This is how non-alcoholic vodka, non-alcoholic gin, non-alcoholic whiskey and non-alcoholic beer were born, the flavors of which became the basis of many cocktails. For example, in order to make the so-called innocent version of gin and tonic, you should mix "TANQUERAY 0.0 Alcohol Free", tonic "Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water", throw in a grapefruit peel and a lot of ice cubes. And in order to make the Nekoltų Kruvina Meri, you need non-alcoholic vodka, tomato juice and your favorite spices.
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