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Tequila is a popular type of alcoholic beverage that originated in Mexico. Many people search for information about tequila online, including how much tequila costs. Tequila is a fermented drink obtained by distilling agave juice, produced only in certain countries In the regions of Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas. Contains tequila be at least 51 percent tequila agave (Agave tequilana Weber Azul). All other drinks made from agave are called mezcal. The popularity of tequila has been steadily growing for several years, reaching its peak in 2019-2020. One of the reasons is considered to be the effects of the pandemic: since the Margarita is among the most popular cocktails of all time, it was necessary to learn how to mix it at home. Tequila has become popular online during the pandemic. New premium tequila brands have also hit the market, with exceptional quality and tequila pricing, which in turn has fueled interest in other agave-based beverages such as mezcal and agave distillates. Agaves are increasingly grown in the United States and South Africa. Although drinks made outside of Mexico cannot be called tequila, the distillation methods used to make new agave drinks are often the same as Mexican tequilas. The price of tequila depends on whether it is a drink made in Mexico. Tequila has a unique flavor because the tequila agave spends six to eight years in the sun before it matures and is processed into tequila. Tequila can be drunk straight from one-sip glasses. Such tequila is usually fermented in barrels and has a yellow-gold color. In Europe, the tradition of drinking tequila with salt and lime has caught on - Mexicans do not drink it that way. Drink fermented tequila from a shot glass. Young, so-called silver and gold tequilas are more suitable for cocktails. Tequila online is the choice of tequila lovers. The price of collectible tequila can be comparable to the most expensive drinks in the world, but in our assortment you will find a price that suits you.
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