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MONDARIZ 0.75L sparkling water

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This pure water with some added minerals is perfect for cleansing the mouth, restoring a neutral taste in the mouth, and the water is also wonderfully healthy due to the content of healing minerals. Characteristic mineral content: mg/l (estimated): low mineral content: dry residue at 180 °C: approx. 177 mg/l. pH: approx. 6.5 – bicarbonates (CO3H-) 156 – sodium (Na+) 49.0 – sulphates (SO42-) 1.7 – calcium (Ca2+) 7.7 – chlorides (Cl-) 1.2 – magnesium ( Mg2+) 5.5 – nitrates (NO3-) 4.4 – potassium (K+) 5.1 – fluorides (F-) 0.5 – silicon (SiO2) 16.5. No allergens.
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0.75 L
Mondariz is a famous Spanish carbonated and balanced water with light minerals. Passing through the low layers of granite, it has received a golden sheen which enhances its crystalline transparency and enjoyable texture. The freshness and silky taste create a feeling of elegance.
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